Recharge box

Recharge box

A hand chosen box designed to allow the recipient to have a bit of time to relax and have a bit of time to meditate or just to chill. 

The box contents:

A new product Bumbles Jungle and I worked on together this year, a relaxing eye pillow which can be cooled in the fridge or warmed in the microwave. The pillow comes with a filled inner and a reversible outer which can be removed to be washed. These are great for yoga, meditation, soothing and relaxation.


Complementing this is a relaxing lavender balm from Bumbles Jungle and a Lavender bath salts tube with goats milk to help aid relaxation and restful sleep. 


All tied up in a compostible box complete with hand lettered name tag all ready to be gifted (or kept if you want to treat yourself).


Why not add a Natalie Bond Essential Oil Candle to take your relaxation to another level.